About Us

Hey guys!!! Im so happy you have taken the time out to come read a little about us!! So here goes!
A little about Rhonda:
I am Rhonda Nickerson the owner of Rhonda's Creative Corner (RCC), the inventor of Rhonda's Creative Station, a Youtuber, a wife, a mom, a business owner, a crafter, a philanthropist, and a writer. (I wear MANY hats...LOL).
RCC began in 2015 and has grown tremendously thanks to God and our awesome supporters (YOU!)
A little about Rhonda's family:
I am a wife to a wonderful man and helpmate named C.W. AKA “Babe”. We have been together for 8 year and married for five of those years! Now is our relationship perfect?.. Heck no! But I wouldn’t change it for the world. My husband understands me, he supports my dreams, and believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself.
Now about our beautiful children.
My first heartbeats name is Deyzya and she is 21 years old. Yep.. I have a 21 year old!! We often get mistaken for sisters. lol She is beautiful, smart and ready to explore the world!
Now little about my second heartbeat (my middle baby). her is named Alonna, she is 13 years of age! She is beautiful, smart, love basketball, and has the heart of gold.
And then there is my angel Aryiana. She is my angel baby who was born stillborn on July 21, 2010! She would be 9 years old. She had a condition called Trisomy 18 and I had her sleeping at 25 weeks. I started non profit organization in honor of her. It’s called the Arms of an Angel- Trisomy 18 Association. Also, through my heart ache I also published my first book- In the Arms of an Angel.
Now lets talk about my rainbow baby. A rainbow baby is a child that comes after the death of another child. His name is Caliel and he is all boy!!! He is a smart, courageous young man who is seven going on 30.
Throughout life, I have been through a lot in my 42 years. I have lost a child, had cancer, and been through tough relationships, but God has brought me through it all and has given me all I could ask for and more. 
I am truly thankful for all of your support and blessed beyond measure!