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Mannequin Tree Academy-

Mannequin Tree Academy-

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You are more than welcome to still purchase to get live videos and tutorial!
This Course will take place on November 20th- November 21st
Please note: If you are not able to join us on the FB lives, you will be able to watch replays and you also get a taped tutorial as well in this course that you can follow!

Don't you just love learning new things that you can use to decorate for ALL holidays??? With what you will learn in this academy, not only can you use for Christmas, but also, Fall, Halloween, Easter, Fourth of July, and so much more... even for weddings!! So, basically, any theme that comes to mind, you can use this course to make you a beautiful mannequin tree to go with that theme!!

I will be decorating with this year's mannequin Christmas tree using black and white with a pop of red and maybe even silver!!! YOU WILL LOVE IT!!!

Here is what you will get in this VERY DETAILED course:

Saturday, November 20th

  1. Discuss types of goodies to decorate a tree
  2. Discuss Materials and tools for construction Mannequin
  3. How to Construct the mannequin
  4. How to add fabric to a mannequin bodice
  5. How to cut and add garland to the skirt of the mannequin
  6. How to add lights

Sunday, November 21st:

Decorating our mannequin:

  1. How to make simple but beautiful hand bows
  2. How to place ornaments and picks
  3. How to add ribbon to your mannequin skirt
  4. Q and A- to answer any questions you may have