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Collection: Rhonda's Creative Station

Please Note: Please allow up to two weeks for delivery. 
Rhonda's Creative Station will hand made once it is ordered. It can sometimes be longer than a two week production due to certain circumstances (holidays, sickness. etc), but we will communicate with you throughout the process of building of your creative station.

This is a made to order product. Allow up to THREE weeks for product to be delivered. 

Rhonda's Creative Station is an all in one craft station that will make crafting fun and easy. Here is a little bit more about it.

Rhonda's Creative station is:
All in one craft station
Detachable and interchangeable parts
Easy to store away
Great for large and small craft spaces. 

What Rhonda's Creative Station can used for:
1. It can hold and cut your mesh and ribbon
2. Measure you ribbon 13 14, 15 or 16 inches
3. Make a bow
4. Store all you crafting tools
5. The detachable easel helps you to create the perfect wreath
6. Glue gun holder

What Rhonda's Creative Station includes:
Mesh holder
Turn around ribbon measurer 
Detachable storage box with glue gun holder
Detachable easel
Small clip
3 pegs 
2 storage drawers

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